Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Address

If you are follwoing this blog the new url is Go there to see the latest posting

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Bad

This is to the few folks that have read my blog. First, thank you.  Second, I realized I misspelled my url so I am moving the blog over to a new correctly spelled blog.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She knows!

I am pretty sure that Betty knows that my wife spanks me. I also think that she not only knows but has either seen or heard some of my actual spanking the other day. I must admit that it is both embarrassing and exciting. 

The other day after my shower and shave I reported as instructed to Rachel in "her" room. Interestingly enough she has never referred to our room as "her" room before. Rachel was in the bathroom so I stood there waiting, heart pounding and palms sweaty until she was ready for me. The room wasn't very bright since the lights were off and the shade was pulled about 1/2 up. Since we are on the first floor we have one of those "up down" blinds that you can either pull up from the bottom or pull down from the top. It is handy since we usually have it raised up from the bottom which allows light to get in from top part of the window while still affording privacy on the bottom portion or so I thought. 

The bathroom door slid open and Rachel stood there for a second. She was back lit and looked stunning wearing a bright red silky camisole and a satiny short bathrobe.  She walked toward the bed and placed something just under her pillow. That is when she asked me if I liked what I saw. I immediately responded a positive and enthusiastic "Yes!" Then she asked me if I thought I deserved any of this as she gestured up and down her body. Honestly I was a little taken-a-back and hesitated. I knew that I had been difficult the past day or so and that I was there for a spanking. I felt that this was gong to be a disciplinary spanking. Before I could respond Rachel said that I was in for a "real spanking" and that I had better "behave" properly if I was to get any of "this" anytime soon. With that Rachel took my hand lead me to the bed, pulled down my undies and tugged my wrist toward her. Before I knew it I was over her knee bare ass. This was so out of character for her I was pretty much stunned. That is when I felt the first smack on my ass cheek followed by a few more in quick succession. In a firm but calm voice Rachel started to outline my "inappropriate behavior" of the past week and telling me that it was not acceptable and that there were going to be "new standards". That is when she said I really needed to get the point and that I had agreed to spanking...."all kinds of spankings". Then she leaned over and reached behind the pillow. A second later I felt a major sting, followed by a succession of major stings. Then a brief pause as her hand rubbed my buns to be followed by a succession of sharp swats and some comments about my attitude, pink factor of my buns and more comments on how my behavior was going to improve. I let out a few yelps since she was getting the same spot several times in succession and it was stinging like a mother! I began to squirm but to no avail since her leg entwined mine and I was fairly well locked in position. Being held in place against her smooth legs and knowing she was in charge was a major turn on but the stinging was now taking priority.

That is when I noticed that from my new prone position that I could look up thru the top part of the window that was uncovered and I could see what I thought was my neighbor at her window. I was horrified that she might be able to see down from her second floor right to where I was being spanked. I immediately began to squirm and wiggle and try to let Rachel know. She only responded with "stop squirming" and "we aren't done here yet." To say I was embarrassed and humiliated that Betty was probably watching is an understatement. Strangely I also felt excited and turned on. That is when Rachel told me to raise my buns. As I did she reached between my legs and grabbed my balls and mentioned that they were nice and smooth. "Just like a good boys should be." With that she gave me several more swats. Rachel then stopped, rubbed my buns and kept me in position over her knee for several minutes. As she soothed my buns with her hand Rachel spoke softly about being well behaved. 

I was afraid to look up toward the window since I was pretty sure I now had a witness.  Oh my God, Betty must know for sure now. I felt several emotions, embarrassment, humiliation, ashamed, excited and loved. I also felt proud of my wife and that she was able to "really spank". I was amazed at all of this but felt reassured and comforted that discussing spanking and heading down this path seems right.

The fact that Betty probably witnessed this magnified my feelings but also seemed a bit funny. I am known for my excellent sense of humor and a quick wit and I must admit that this was a bit funny in its own way. I think this is partially because of my relationship with Betty. I will write about her in the future as well as how I feel when I actually see her again.  

Once I was given permission to get up Rachel instructed me to get the lotion and to come back and massage her legs. I quickly answered "yes ma'am" and ran to get the lotion with my shorts at half mast. When I returned she said firmly and sternly that I should get a towel to place under her legs. I responded again without a thought "yes ma'am" and immediately ran for a towel. Who says spanking doesn't work?  Rachel called after me to pull up my undies. That is when I thought I heard a little chuckle from her. When I came back she was laying on the bed, head propped up by some pillows and a odd but satisfied look on her face. I placed the towel under her legs and knelt beside the bed and began giving her a wonderful leg massage.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I think my neighbor knows

At some point I will come back and write how spanking became part of my marriage but to start I am going to relay how I think my neighbor found out that my wife spanks me.

I was working in the garage putting stuff away and organizing when my wife came to the door to ask me a question. I had been in a grumpy mood the past day or so. Cleaning up the mess wasn't helping my mood any. I answered her with a rather perturbed sounding "what?!"

That is when she stopped looked at me and said in a very calm but stern manor. "You have been in a bad mood for two days, a jerk to the kids and now disrespectful to me again. You know our new agreement. You have ten minutes to finish up in here. Then I want you to shower, shave top and bottom and report to me in my room within the half hour. You will only need your undies on. You have an appointment over my knee with the brush. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" 

I was a bit taken back by her calm but very strict sounding orders. We had just started experimenting with spanking in our marriage. Up to this point I had only gotten two disciplinary spankings and several "play" ones that were semi-serious.  Her tone sounded ominous and serious. She appeared very in-charge and confident looking down at me. The fact that she was two steps above me didn't help my confidence any. All I could do was mutter "yeah" which was quickly responded to by a very firm "WHAT?" Before I knew it I answered "yes ma'am." Answering quickly and in a respectful manor was becoming a new habit of mine when she had me a bit spooked.

With that Rachel restated her orders. "Finish in ten, be showered, shaved top and bottom and report to me within the half hour. Next time repeat and acknowledge so I know you understand."She turned and walked away. I stood there for a second thinking wow, when I suddenly heard a noise to the side of the garage. The big garage door was closed as well as the side entry but the window on the side where I had been standing was open. That is when I realized my neighbor was on the other side of the fence just two or three feet away. We both keep our trash and recycling bins just outside our side garage doors. We often stop and exchange hello's etc over the fence. She easily could have heard the entire exchange. There was nothing I could do about that now. Time was wasting so I gathered up the empty boxes and stuff and when I thought the coast was clear I proceeded to take them to the bins. That is when I heard Betty say hello Richie from the other side of the fence. I replied with a neighborly "hi, how are you?". I was hoping she would keep any chit chat to a minimum. 

We have lived next to Betty for ten years or so and get along very well. She is a retired school administrator. Although she is an older women Betty is in very good physical condition and is about an inch or two taller than me. In general she is a great neighbor. After a little chit chat Betty said "I better let you go. I don't want you to be late." Well, that confirmed it, she heard and knew the deal. I must have turned ten shades of red. I quickly made an excuse that I had better get cleaned up.  As the words came out of my mouth I immediately realized that my response was pretty dumb. I just confirmed my marching orders.  Oh well.

As a side note when Rachel (my wife) instructs "shaved top and bottom" she is referring to having my face and balls smooth to the touch. She doesn't like 5 o'clock shadow rubbing on her thighs.

More to come...